14 March - 28 March 2024
Utterly Shameless Forms
Solo Show by Sibel Kocakaya
Curated by Elif Carrier
Dienstgebäude Art Space Zurich, Zurich-CH 

“Sibel Kocakaya’s cross practice for the exhibition“Utterly Shameless Forms” consisting of sculpture, installation, and video works, questions the boundaries between space and body, while reflecting on the conditions of the embodied.Abstract forms with no definitive shapes and sizes unapologetically take over the OnCurating Project Space at Dienstgebäude with a silent force arising through the stillness of the artworks that holds the essence of movement. All works are composed of aluminum wire mesh with an air light quality.Kocakaya’s feminine intervention into the heavily industrialized material of aluminum and her interplay of colors, light and sound creates an immersive new environment for the observer. It is within the discernment of the observer in this new environment that the new encounters establish. Sometimes through the stillness of the forms and other times through the motion and sound of the artworks.
Transforming architectural spaces into new immersive futuristic environments is central to Kocakaya’s works. Her exploration of the aluminum wire mesh material is transformed into cosmic reflections of her imagination with the exuberant use of light and color that is influenced by the fictional character created by Kocakaya.The exhibition “Utterly Shameless Forms” consists largely of new works that Kocakaya has created specifically for OnCurating Project Space at Dientsgebäude offering viewers an immersive experience in reflection of one’s own freedoms and as well as in reflection of one’s own conditioning.” Elif Carrier