Sibel Kocakaya / Bendicht Gertsch ‹LINEAR INTERVALS›
Gallery Bernhard Bischoff & Partner AG 
19.11. – 18.12.2021

“In the paintings and collages of Sibel Kocakaya (*1986 in Istanbul ) and in the objects of Bendicht Gertsch (*1968 in Bern)  linear structures and intermediate forms are of fundamental importance. From the “linear intervals”, the lines and interstices, which both artists variously joins together or work out of the material, the characteristic plasticity and spatiality of their works emerge: from forms of branches or rocky, mountainous structures, or from architecture and the physical, being-like. As much as the paintings and collages and the objects in the exhibition each stand on their own and want to be “discovered” individually, it is precisely in the spaces in between that they may enter into an exciting dialogue with each other.”

Marc Munter, 2021