Earth and Structure 
04.02 - 01.04. 2023
Mixer Gallery, Istanbul-TR

‘Earth and Structure’ brings together a diverse range of Kocakaya’s works which explore the intersection of natural and environmental resources and architectural elements and materials in an interdisciplinary manner. The exhibition feutures paintings, collages, oil painting drawings on paper, photographs, videos, sculptures, and installations providing a comprehensive survey of the artist’s practice.

Kocakaya’s work is deeply rooted in the concept of psycho-geography, focusing on the relationship between ans artist’s present location and her engagement with it As such, the exhibition centers aroundmountain views, ancient and modern architectural structures, and the transformation of materials. Throughout production, the artist turns her relationship with the place into a performative action, resulting in works that become a new place of experience at the exhibition. The video piece, which was recorded in a house under renovation in Bern, is particularly noteworthy, as it transformed into a sound installation that evokes the historical sense and contemporary elements of the location.  The Artist is conducting an orchestra between the wall and pieces of wood.

At ‘Earth and Structure’, Sibel Kocakaya’s recent artistic research and works give shape to the perception and transition of structures, the environment, and material surfaces with colors and reflections. This results in an immersive and thought-provoking experience for visitors. The fictional character she created in conversation with the lights and colors turn her works into a performative act.