AESCHLIMANN CORTI-GRANT 2021, Bernische Kunstgesellschaft
“Kapriolen der Kunst”, Kunsthaus Pasquart Biel/ Bienne  17.4.-13.6.2021

The Orbit of Memory, 2020-2021
Clay, Dimensions variable
“Sibel Kocakaya (* 1986) uses painting, photography, video, performance and installation to develop an artistic investigation in which the relationship between the body and space is central.  With this interdisciplinary approach, the artist deals with the environment, which she experiences on wanderings and journeys in a nomadic manner.  Every change of location reveals new forms of artistic expression to her.  The importance of architectural structures and their effects on the senses and locomotion is a recurring theme in Sibel Kocakaya's work.  The small-format sculptures reflect her exploration of the concept of housing: In The Orbit of Memory, the artist examines how people create an organized, structured place that serves as a refuge and helps determine their relationship to their immediate surroundings.Condensed from memories of existing forms and fantasy structures, these unfired clay works consciously take on a kind of naivety.  The sculptures evoke a space between dreaminess and familiarity.”